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Fire Damage 

Did you know?

An extinguished fire still causes damage! So pick up the phone and call Structured Building Group to begin the fire damage restoration ASAP. As you prepare for our initial visit, make sure to follow these tips to help limit the damage:

What TO DO after a fire:
  • Report the fire to your insurance company and request that the adjuster call us to assist them directly.

  • Open up doors and windows to air out your home if the temperature outside is above 60 degrees.

  • Wipe off chrome, Formica, aluminum, and porcelain surfaces to prevent permanent damage.

  • If your furnace uses forced hot air, change the air filter.

  • Throw away any open food containers.

  • Put a damp cheesecloth over each return and supply register to catch loose soot from the air.

  • If the power is off, thoroughly clean out your refrigerator.

  • Save your clothing for a professional restoration dry cleaner.

What NOT TO DO after a fire:
  • Avoid touching anything because the natural oils in your hand can penetrate wood and drywall and make the damage worse.

  • Do not try to wash soot damage from the walls because improper cleaning methods will make the damage worse.

  • Do not try to clean your carpeting or upholstery.

  • Avoid using any electrical appliances until they have been inspected for safety.

  • Do not use ceiling fixtures that are on a wet ceiling.

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Fieldstone Kitchen After.jpg
We specialize in reconstruction and repair of properties damaged by:


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Damaged Roof


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