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Water Damage 

Water is the most abundant natural resource and it is all around us because it is necessary for life.  However, if excess water or moisture gets into your home or business, this can result in significant damage. Most building materials are porous and allow water to spread throughout them which not only increases the risk of severe structural damage, but mold growth as well. 

Structured Building Group provides water damage restoration services for homes and businesses surrounding the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex after the areas have been thoroughly dried by the mitigation contractor.

What TO DO after water damage:
  • Report the water damage to your insurance company and request that the adjuster call us to assist them directly. Ask them to refer a mitigation contractor (water extraction, drying) or we can refer one.

  • Protect your property, mop or blot dry to remove excess water.

  • Remove non-permanent floor coverings like area rugs but leave permanent flooring or carpeting for the professionals.

  • Put drapery bottoms through a coat hanger and put the hanger on the rod to keep the drapes off the wet floor.

  • Put any fragile items such as photos and paintings in a dry area.

  • Wipe off wet furniture and prop up the cushions to dry.

  • Open up any doors, drawers, and cabinet doors for faster drying if the weather is favorable.

  • Keep water damaged books on their shelves to avoid page warping until they can be treated with specialized services.

  • If you suspect that there is sewage in the water, avoid all contact.

What NOT TO DO after water damage:
  • Do not walk through a flooded room unless the power has been shut off.

  • Do not remove flood water with a typical vacuum cleaner.

  • Do not use an electrical appliance if the floor underneath it is wet.

  • Do not try to clean up mold growth.

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We specialize in reconstruction and repair of properties damaged by:


Water Damage


Damaged Roof


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