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Storm Damage 

If you’ve had storm damage to your home or business here in Dallas-Ft Worth, we know what you’re going through. Whether by a tornado or one of many common, quick, and destructive thunderstorms here in Texas, damages need to be repaired quickly before any more occur as a result of the initial event. If your home was damaged by water in any way, you need to get the damage repaired quickly before mold starts to grow.

That’s where Structured Building Group steps in. Our always local, storm damage restoration team will repair your home or business to as good as it was before, if not better.

How Can Structured Get Your Life Back To Normal

When it comes to storm damage, we’ve seen it all. Have a tree in your living room? Yeah, we can fix that. Have your back porch blown off by a gust of wind? We’ll have you sipping lemonade back there in no time. Hail damage? Yep, we can replace the damaged roofing and other affected materials. The fact is storm damage can range from very light damage to near complete destruction.


We start the process of getting your home back to normal by giving you a free, no obligation quote on the storm damage repair.


If you do decide to hire us to repair the storm damage, we will do everything in our power get your home back to normal as quickly as possible by repairing the damage as if it was our own home and our own family was displaced.


We’ve been restoring storm damaged homes for over 20 years now and it would give us great pleasure to earn the opportunity to do the same for you.

We specialize in reconstruction and repair of properties damaged by:


Water Damage


Damaged Roof


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